Weekly Pool Services 

A Routine Pool Cleaning Process

Each week, one of our friendly technicians will assess and clean your swimming pool. A  report is then left on your door so you are kept in the loop about all cleaning visits. Our weekly package of pool cleaning services is comprised of a multi-point swimming pool cleaning procedure. In fact, our swimming pool cleaning procedure is too thorough to list in detail; but includes the following important steps:

Our Multi-Point Swimming Pool Cleaning Procedure

Skim the surface of the pool for leaves and debris.
Dump debris from skimmers into a container.
Brush the sides and steps of the pool/spa.
Vacuum the bottom for sediment and debris. We use “Hammer Head” vacuums for optimal efficiency.
Test and correct the water chemistry.
Check the equipment for leaks or wear and tear.
Rotate and check valves.
Backwash the filter and add DE as needed.
Monitor the pool’s water level and notify homeowner if water is needed.
Monitor the pressure of the filter. We will recommend a filter clean at least twice a year for optimal performance.
Leave a door hanger with communication and suggestions on each service visit.
For salt cell systems, quarterly cleaning is included.
We adjust the chemical application to each unique pool, and according to the weather and season of the year.

 Acid Wash

When you have stains on your pools finish that cannot be removed with basic pool maintenance and brushing, or if you are
unhappy with the overall look of your pool finish, a drain and ACID WASH may be necessary. It is a time consuming process, but most customers are very satisfied with the brighter appearance of the pool.

An ACID WASH process may include:
• Drain water from the pool
• Scrub to remove algae and leaves
• Remove all debris from the bottom
• Apply acid water solution
• Drain acid water solution
• Clean the entire pool



New homeowners and real estate agents sometimes have to deal with green pools. They turn green due to green algae that can grow rapidly on untreated pools. Green algae can range in severity from patches on the wall to deep green swamp. Performing a chemical shock treatment will kill and decompose alga  and bacteria to restore water quality.


Installation & Repairs

Crystal Clear Pools is also specialized in installation and repairs
of pool pumps and motors, heaters, timers, salt chlorinators, filters,
automatic pool cleaners, pool plumbing, and more.